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Orchids for Everyone: A Basic Care Guide

No need to fear- just follow these simple steps to become a master at caring for your orchid.

Enjoy their beautiful blooms for years to come. With this care guide, anyone can successfully own an orchid and get the most out of this surprisingly easy-to-care-for houseplant.

Life cycle of an orchid
  1. Seed germination
  2. Root growth
  3. Leaf production
  4. Flower spike growth
  5. Blooming
  6. Dormancy
  7. Flower spike re-growth
  8. Re-blooming

How long do orchids live?

When properly cared for, orchids will bloom once or twice a year and can last for as long as 15-20 years.

Phalaenopsis orchid blooms typically last for 2-3 months. Following the initial bloom, orchids go into a resting phase. They store up nutrients and prepare the plant for blooming again. 

Once blooms are finished, cut back the spike to about an inch above the first node. The plant will sprout a new flower spike when it's ready to re-bloom. 

The basics of orchid care


Not giving orchids enough light is a fairly common reason for buds failing to bloom. There is a common misconception that orchids live among the darkest places, which is not entirely accurate.

Orchids actually require bright, indirect light– enough without burning the leaves. Avoid direct beams of sunlight, such as placing your orchid right in a window. Choose places a few feet from a window in a room that gets a good amount of sunlight each day.


Orchids require good circulation and don't thrive in dry, arid environments. They prefer a decent amount of humidity, since they are tropical plants after all. Places near bathrooms or kitchens tend to be good spots in the home for orchids to live. They also prefer to remain at a consistent temperature, so avoid any place in the home right next to an air vent or a place that fluctuates a lot. 


The most common reason orchid plants don't survive is due to incorrect watering, namely over watering, is typically the culprit. 

The crucial components to master are quantity and frequency.

Orchids should be watered just as they have begun to dry out. This will be noticeable from the soil appearing dry, feeling lighter when picked up or feeling dry to the touch. If the orchid feels moist to the touch, resist the urge to water.

Orchids enjoy being thoroughly watered about once a month, depending on their environment. If the orchid starts to dry out, it can be lightly watered about every two weeks or so, just be sure it's allowed to dry out completely in between watering.

Orchids that are planted in soil will require water less frequently to those in a very porous potting medium such as bark or moss. Soil retains moisture well, meaning your orchid will be able to soak up water for longer and won't need as much care from you. This also means it's important to avoid drenching the soil, water just enough to moisten the soil without saturating it.

Humidity, air and light will also play a part in the watering frequency needed. Observe your orchid and watch out for common signs to remedy the situation before it's too late.

Know the signs

Over-watering: Limp or yellow leaves

Under-wateringGrowth is stunted, resulting in leaves and flowers/buds starting to wilt or fall off 

Insufficient sunlight or too much sunlight: Dark green- too little light, anemic green- too much light

Temperature: Cold damage appears as whitening of leaves. Heat damage appears as yellow, withering leaves.

Orchids for everyone

There's no need to be intimidated, no matter how many orchids have died in your care. It's never too late to learn and try again. Orchids are lovely, long lasting plants that make an elegant addition to any home or a thoughtful gift for a friend. 

Once you master these simple tips and tricks, there's no reason you can't have thriving orchids around your home for years to come. Most importantly, all plants require care. Sometimes we give them too much love, sometimes not enough. Once you find a delicate balance of caring for your orchid, you'll be able to keep them alive without much forethought. 

Orchid care information sourced from the American Orchid Society and Love Orchids.

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