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Styling Crotons Throughout the Years

If you’re a loyal Anita’s customer, you know that the arrival of crotons signals the start of fall around here. While these vibrant plants are actually tropical and a year round beauty, they have become a quintessential ingredient for our fall gardens thanks to their color palette. Here are some of our favorite inspiration photos of croton styling from years past. If you’re looking for a plant to bring fall into your home, this is it! Plus, crotons can be kept year round, long after fall has passed.


🌱 Styling Inspiration 🌱


🌱 Croton Care 🌱

Crotons are relatively low maintenance and make great houseplants that can easily add color to a room. Here are some tips to keep your plant thriving for years to come. 


  • Your croton loves a sunny location to produce more color variation on its leaves. Crotons can tolerate shade but color loss may occur. 
  • Crotons can dry out in between waterings. Check for wilting leaves- this is a sign that your croton needs to be watered. 
  • Crotons can be planted outside in Florida due to our humid and hot summers and make great landscape plants.
  • Crotons thrive in humidity. If you’re unable to place your croton in a humid area of your home, misting once a week should do.

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